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Maisey Rika – Tira

“Tira is a collection of 10 carefully selected waiata kirihimete, waiata kapa haka, waiata tira and waiata hou that are old and new favourites of mine straight off the kapa haka stage, out of the hymn books and from my heart to you”.

The waiata are inspired by events of the past and present, the common theme intertwining them all together are Maoritanga, whānau, kotahitanga, aroha and being grateful to God for the many blessings in life – which is ultimately what Christmas is all about to Maisey.

‘Tira’ represents the purest of light that shines over everyone and everything from all denominations and all walks of life. ‘Tira’ encourages us to pause and reflect in the hope of bringing some clarity which many of us endeavor to find at this time of year.

With waiata such as ‘Ka hura’ and ‘Taku Inoi’ written by Rikirangi Gage and Rob Ruha respectively two of the most prolific Māori song writers of our time, ‘Tira’ encapsulates both ‘haka’ and ‘soul’ and together with more recent creations it is Maisey’s hope that ‘Tira’ offers songs suited for occasions all year round.

1. Ka hura (ft. Bossy Hill, Rob Ruha)
2. Whakaaria mai
3. Karanga ake au/ Pōmārie (ft. Hato Hohepa)
4. Inoi mō mātou (ft. Hinewehi Mohi, Hato Hohepa choir)
5. T’Ariki Tama o Mere (ft. Troy Kingi)
6. Taku Inoi (ft. The Modern Māori Quartet)
7. Te karanga a Tui (ft.Tama Waipara)
8. Māhorahora (ft. Beau Monga)
9. Tapu te pō (ft. Seth Haapu)
10. Taku Mana (ft. Ngā Tauira o Pao Pao Pao, Horomona Horo, Mahuia B-C)

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