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Tēna koutou katoa,

Nau mai haere mai ki te Poi Princess.

Whether you are new here, or a regular visitor that has noticed things have changed a bit, I would like to welcome you and help you navigate the Poi Princess shop.

I have always worked to provide a holistic range of resources to help support all whānau on their Māori cultural learning journey.

My passion is providing resources that support the revitalisation of te reo and tikanga Māori and strengthen positive cultural identity for future generations.

In 2023 I changed the set up of the categories in my shop. The inspiration and whakaaro (idea) around this came from Sir Mason Durie’s health framework ‘te whare tapa whā.’

This set up has further encouraged me to look at the bigger picture, from a hauora and wellness perspective.

Here’s some information about how to navigate Poi Princess to find the products you’re looking for.

Durie’s ‘te whare tapa whā’ health model separates hauora into four domains, likened to four pou of a whare:

  1. Taha Wairua (Spiritual wellness)
  2. Taha Whānau (Family & Society)
  3. Taha Hinengaro (Mental wellness)
  4. Taha Tinana (Physical wellness)

Looking at ourselves, our whānau/community, and this model, we can get an insight into whether the sides of our whare are strong, or if some sides of our whare need help or support.

When I reflect on my own cultural journey, and the pathway and learning I’d like for my own tamariki, I find clarity and empowerment in thinking about each area, and how I can encourage, integrate and support these in our daily lives.

In the Poi Princess shop I have changed the headings slightly from Durie’s and broken things down further into kaupapa (topics) to support your navigation.


Products and resources related to spiritual wellness, including culture and connection to te taiao (the environment).


Products and resources related to people and relationships, including the use of te reo Māori.

Hinengaro & Tinana

Mind and body have been linked together. This was primarily because Poi Princess does not stock many products related to physical health and movement, however we offer other products associated with the body, related to food, medicine and performing arts.

Using a laptop will provide the best view. Use your cursor to hover over the ‘hoko’ button and you will see all categories in a large dropdown menu, like this:

Poi Princess Navigation Menu

Many of the subcategories are further broken down if you hover over them as well.

My vision is that Poi Princess is a resource in itself, and that whatever type of rauemi you are looking for you will find it here.

Mauri ora e te whānau, nāku, nā Beth (Poi Princess)

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