Have yourself a Māori Christmas – Poi Princess Newsletter #1

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Kia ora koutou,

Christmas is fast approaching to round off another year. I know many Centres like to do some fun activities with the tamariki to celebrate these times.

Last year I considered what a Maori Christmas would look like to my whanau iti (small family). For a lot of people, it means having a huihui (gathering) and sharing some kai and koha. For me it is about whanaungatanga (strengthening family connection).

We have small kirīhimete at our whare, with most of our whanau in other parts of the country, but we have welcomed a new member this year… Tokotoru + Kotahi = Tokowha! We have welcomed another tamāhine to our Poi Princess whanau so she will celebrate her first Kirīhimete (Christmas). My other tamāhine is now 4 so she loves and enjoys all the things I do and can really join in with festivities.

Each year I have tried to incorporate things that mean something to us and bring us closer together. Things like korero (talking), pukapuka (books), toi (arts) and craft and waiata (music) are wonderful ways to connect with one another.


Last year I started a tradition with my tamāhine. I got given a free Christmas book at the mall from Santa and I found a few other Christmas ones I had lying around. I will continue to add to this collection each year. The idea is to use the books like an advent calendar countdown. The books are wrapped individually and read before bed. You count them down until the last one you have is read on Christmas eve.  My kotiro is excited every night in anticipation of what pukapuka she will unwrap! We will be adding E hia ngā moe? this year to our pukapuka kirīhimete bundle!




Here I wanted to show you a couple of rauemi that I found that I think might interest you. Some kupu Māori and some activities for tamariki to put that Māori twist on Christmas


 Kirihimete kupu me ngā rerenga me ngā mahi toi hoki 

Here are some links to some kirīhimete kupu me ngā rerenga (Maori words and sentences about Christmas) you might find helpful.

Mina Keenan has some free downloadable Christmas crafts on her website Christmas cardsChristmas decorations and gift tags.

These activities use some easy te reo Māori and have cute pikitia. Take a look around her site if you haven’t already, she has some really pārekareka (fun) activities, for this occasion and others.

Please check out the lovely items I have on offer. HK and the crew Meri Kirihimete CD, Maisey Rika’s New Christmas CD “Tira”. Also the two pukapuka that come with CD’s A Pukeko in a ponga tree and E hia ngā moe? If you are looking for reward items for prizegivings and breakups I have a range that could be helpful. And if you just want some rawe Māori gifts for the tamariki check out my range on the website.

Just before I go, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have supported me, my mahi and my whanau this year. It has meant a lot. I look forward to what next year brings! Karawhiua!

Meri kirīhimete me ngā mihi nui o te tau hou🎄

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