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Kaupapa o te marama – Topic of the month
Te Marama pūoro waiata Māori  – Māori music monthLast year a new tradition was started. August became Maori music month! Read one article here.
I’m pretty interested in it and excited about it. I love Maori music and I think it’s wonderful that more up and coming artists will potentially be seen, encouraged through programmes that are being offered and even mentored by some wonderful artists here in Aotearoa. I am using this opportunity to base my newsletter kōrero this month around Māori music.


Āku whakaaro – My thoughts
Music is a very important part of Māori life. It is common to start the day singing a karakia,and also to end the day, to start and end a hui or a class, a wedding, a birthday, a funeral. Pretty much most events! Singing is also used to teach tauira (students) both tamariki and adults. Singing is the wahine way to tautoko a mans whaikorero on the marae or during a powhiri. Most of these routines are attached to tikanga practices, which show music is a cultural and significant way to express feelings for a specific purpose and to relate with others. Music is also used to connect people and for entertainment purposes. I would have to say music is a very large part of Maori life.


Embracing a love of music
In our whare we love music, we sing a lot (well we try, I’m not sure any of us are that good at it, but we give it a go!) With both of my tamariki we made music part of our routines. Singing and reading books after kai in the highchair has been a regular thing. We also have music playing on the radio, stereo or phone a lot! Sometimes just as soft background noise but sometimes a bit louder. We often have a little family dance party for an hour or so in our lounge on a Saturday.
Both of my tamariki love dancing and happily strut their stuff showing off their moves whenever they are given the chance.

My nearly 5 year old is obsessed with music. I guess it doesnt suprise me because from a very young age I played a wide range of music all different genre including Classical, endless Kids music, but also Rock, Reggae, Drum and bass and Maori music. She enjoys them all. What Ive noticed particularly is even when she doesn’t understand the words to a waiata, she still remembers them and the tune, it sticks in her head and I hear her singing random parts throughout the day. Recently she has began to ask what the words mean and Im happy to learn with her to find it out if I dont know.

Playing cd’s of Maori music in the background can be a wonderful way to help with language recognition and acquisition for young children. When I was teaching I used to love experimenting with different music. I particularly enjoyed Hirini Melborne softly playing his acoustic guitar and singing in the background to start or end a day. It made me relaxed and I felt the children responded to it in a relaxed way, Hirini Melborne and playdough was a nice way to ease into a busy Preschool day! Hirini and some scarves or poi to wind the day to an end. Music is very powerful tool that effects our moods.

One particular type of Māori music we have been learning about is kapahaka. I love watching it, I love the performances and of course I make poi! I have always encouraged the children to watch kapahaka on TV. It was very exciting for us this passed Te Matatini competition because we actually knew people who were performing.

I have loved that both of my daughters kindies have had kapahaka in their programmes and that she has also been able to watch the older tamariki at school doing their kapahaka performances and she has been able to join in. Kapahaka is beneficial for so many reasons. It is a taonga from the ancestors, it helps with the revitalisation of te reo Maori, it promotes whanaungatanga and kotahitanga. It can be competitive and it involves discipline. It promotes pride and achievement as well as connectedness as a group and also connectedness to the Maori culture. Just to name a few..


Ngā rauemi a Poi Princess – Poi Princess resources available:
I have a number of rauemi Puoro Maori available, please click here to be taken to me selection of music (puoro) resources on the website. Please feel free to message me if there are other CD’s or singalong books etc that you are looking for as I would be happy to get new resources in where it is possible. I have a larger range of Cd’s from my stockists available which are not on my website. So kōrero mai, Im happy to help.

Below are a few items from my range you could be interested in and I have put together a couple of specials I am sure you will enjoy… Also keep scrolling to check out my competition to get your ringaringa on some free poi!!



Pito Mata CD & Dvd set

Pito Mata He waiata hei whakatau i te mauri – By Pania Papa

“Iti noa aha, he pito mata”

The term ‘Pito Mata’ is taken from the above proverb, which refers to a small uncooked portion of kūmara that was replanted to produce many more kūmara. From this proverb, the term ‘pito mata’ is now used in some contexts to express the notion of ‘potential’. Pito Mata acknowledges the potential within 0-5 year olds, with a hope that that potential can be nurtured, developed and allowed to be expressed freely.

This CD/Dvd set by Pania Papa is in Te reo Māori and was made to soothe and relax you and your child.

It contains 10 Maori lullabies on an Audio CD and a Singalong DVD with the Māori words rolling along the bottom of the screen.

Buy now

Taku mei ao – Maori songs for children

Taku Mei Ao – My World, features simple songs in Maori that reflect the child’s world. Celebrate our natural environment, animals, dancing and moving, and everyday activities such as cleaning up.

The songs are all in Maori – a great way for beginners to gain confidence in the language.

All the songs are ideally paced for learning, and perfect for ages 3-7 years.

Song lyrics & translations are provided in a Free-Download Book. Teaching notes for each song are also included.

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Songs for bubbas – By Anika Moa

The cheeky and beautiful songwriter Anika Moa returns with her fifth album full of songs about love, laughter and …animal noises!
The 10 track album includes two covers, the popular and beautiful ‘Oma Rapeti’ and Anika’s own take on ‘You Are My Sunshine’. These songs will be enjoyed in every primary school and kindy around the country for years to come.

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Songs for bubbas 2 – By Anika Moa

Songs for Bubbas 2 promises to cast a spell of wonderment on your preschoolers. Anika’s muses/focus group are her own children and with a new arrival between albums, the songbird and crazy storyteller has three mischievous tamariki for inspiration.

Songs for Bubbas 2 is joyfully jammed with 12 songs that will have children dancing with delight yet also keep them quiet in the car.

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Whitiora – By Maisey Rika

Maisey Rika’s third release and second full length studio album, is a beautifully sung and performed Te Reo recording with 11 tracks.

Whitiora includes “Tangaroa Whakamautai”, the first single of the album, which takes you on a journey through the ocean and Maori legend. Other tracks include “Ruaimoko” ft Anika Moa, which is a haunting reference to the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, mixed delicately with a string quartet.

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Poi for 0-2 year olds

These poi are designed for children 0-2 years old in reference to size, for maximum benefit to each user. My poi are handmade and of very high quality, made of sturdy materials that are durable for home and preschool use. The poi itself is covered with a washable material which has a contemporary māori design.

These are a great size for pēpi to grasp, twirl and even chew! Poi offer an opportunity for pēpi and carer to bond with music and actions.

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Poi for 2-8 year olds

These poi are designed for children 2-8 years old in reference to size, for maximum benefit to each user.

My poi are handmade and of very high quality, made of sturdy materials that are durable for home and preschool use.

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Poi for 8-15 years

These poi are designed for 8-15 year olds in reference to size, for maximum benefit to each user.

My poi are handmade and of very high quality, made of sturdy materials that are durable for home and school use.

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Waiata Mai – Sing along with Aunty Bea Book & CD

Waiata Mai is a bilingual children’s song book and CD, with songs Beatrice (Aunty Bea) has written over the years. Waiata Mai has 18 tracks, some are old New Zealand favourites such as A E I OU, Mā is white and Oma rapeti.

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Nga Pihi 1, 2 & 3 – CD’s and Songbooks

Save money and buy the 3 Nga Pihi Cds and Songbooks together. Encourage waiata and kapahaka in your Early Childhood Centre, School or home. Hours of listening and learning.

Simple waiata; easy to learn. Song lyrics and translations included inside the CD covers. Songbooks include melody lines, guitar chords, teaching notes, song lyrics and translations. Plus large print word sheets that can be read from a distance. For ages 3-7 years.
Save $15.00.

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Love kapahaka kete

Save when you buy these beautiful resources together. This bundle includes one canvas bag featuring a kapahaka kotiro, the childrens book “The girls in the kapahaka”, The CD Taku mei ao, a 4 pack of temporary tattoo moko and a set of poi for 2-8 year olds.
This is a great pack specifically for a child but also as a resource for a teacher encouraging kapahaka.
Save $6.00.

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Other free and useful activities and rauemi Māori
I would like to share two free sites with you that I’ve found specifically related to Maori music for tamariki. First is Waiata Mai – Learn te reo, they have free videos of waiata for children online that relate to everyday life. The other link is to the programme Kia Mau which is on Maori TV. They offer a series of episodes about kapahaka and teach children waiata with actions and many other good bits surrounding this kaupapa. Be sure to stay tuned and I will share more related links and Maori music over the next month.


***Poi Princess Facebook Giveaway!!!***
To celebrate Maori music month we are giving away poi!!! Up to 5 sets of poi will be given away on the 23rd of August. Be in to win!! Click here to go to my Facebook page to see details and all terms and conditions.


I will finish by sharing this very cool waiata with you. It is a massive hit in our whare… alot to do with the fact that the name of the song is the name of my daughter so she thinks its about her!


Wairua By Maimoa
“Wairua is a song encouraging ones belief in their natural instinct or spirit, we call ‘wairua’. At times of adversity and hardship, it’s that very natural instinct that will direct you. It’s by trusting in that ‘wairua’ you will reach your full potential, so let your ‘wairua’ soar…”
Read more including the words to the waiata and English translation can be found in the “Show more” section on youtube itself.




Feel free to hit reply and kōrero mai ki ahau. I always enjoy hearing from you.

To see all of the other beautiful rauemi Māori I have for sale please click here.
Ngā mihi mahana,

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  1. E minaka ana is my favourite waiata at the moment. I love ve the tune and the meaning. Waiata are a great way to learn reo x

    • Kia Ora Cindy,
      Thank you for sharing that waiata. I havent heard that one before. Im sure i know another waiata I learnt at a course with the same tune but its not coming to me at the minute. Hmmm 🙂
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