Waiata Mai (CD and Book)

Waiata Mai (CD and Book) - By Aunty Bea Illustrations By Kat Quin Merewhether

Waiata Mai is a bilingual children’s song book and CD, with songs Beatrice (Aunty Bea) has written over the years. Waiata Mai has 18 tracks, some are old New Zealand favourites such as A E I OU, Mā is white and Oma rapeti.
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Tira - Maisey Rika

“Tira is a collection of 10 carefully selected waiata kirihimete, waiata kapa haka, waiata tira and waiata hou that are old and new favourites of mine straight off the kapa haka stage, out of the hymn books and from my heart to you”. The waiata are inspired by events of the past and present, the common theme intertwining them all together are Maoritanga, whānau, kotahitanga, aroha and being grateful to God for the many blessings in life - which is ultimately what Christmas is all about to Maisey.  
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Whitiora - Maisey Rika

Maisey Rika's third release and second full length studio album, is a beautifully sung and performed Te Reo recording with 11 tracks.
Whitiora includes "Tangaroa Whakamautai", the first single of the album, which takes you on a journey through the ocean and Maori legend. Other tracks include "Ruaimoko" ft Anika Moa, which is a haunting reference to the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, mixed delicately with a string quartet.
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Songs for bubbas 2

Songs for bubbas 2 - By Anika Moa

After Anika’s first children’s al­bum, the multi-award winning Songs for Bubbas, comes a second album full of delight and mystery. Songs for Bubbas 2 promises to cast a spell of wonderment on your preschoolers. Anika’s muses/focus group are her own children and with a new arrival between albums, the songbird and crazy storyteller has three mischievous tamariki for inspiration. Songs for Bubbas 2 is joyfully jammed with 12 songs that will have children dancing with delight yet also keep them quiet in the car.
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Songs for bubbas

Songs for bubbas - By Anika Moa

The cheeky and beautiful songwriter Anika Moa returns with her fifth album full of songs about love, laughter and ...animal noises! Songs For Bubba’s will capture the hearts and imagination of every child in Aotearoa! The album is half Maori, half English being both educational whilst engaging Moa to continue her Maori language through song. The 10 track album includes two covers, the popular and beautiful ‘Oma Rapeti’ and Anika’s own take on ‘You Are My Sunshine’. These songs will be enjoyed in every primary school and kindy around the country for years to come.  
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Poi for Teen/Adult

Poi for Teen/Adults

These poi are designed for Teens/Adults in reference to size, for maximum benefit to each user. My poi are handmade and of very high quality, made of sturdy materials that are durable for home and school use. The poi itself is covered with a washable material which has a contemporary māori design.
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The Singing Dolphin

The Singing Dolphin - Te Aihe i waiata - By Mere Whaanga

"Every once and a while, a dolphin will come to the island beside the pathway of the Whales. It will leap and play with people, bring gifts and sing songs".   Award- winning author Mere Whaanga tells a story of land, sea and seasons; of living creatures and family ties, and the songs that connect us all.
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A pukeko in a ponga tree (CD and Book)
A pukeko in a ponga tree - Adapted by Kingi M. Ihaka Illustrated by Dick Frizzell A wonderful New Zealand adaptation of the popular song "The twelve days of Christmas". On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a pukeko in a ponga tree. Includes an audio CD of the song so you can sing along! This book with CD is written in English.
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Meri Kirihimete

Meri Kirihimete - H.K. Crew featuring K11NA

This CD is the first ever album of Christmas songs sung in te reo Maori. The HK Crew, comprising members of Fat Freddy's Drop, Wai and Maia, give Christmas favourites a make-over with a cappela, funky down tempo beats, reggae sunsplash stylee, harmony-laden slow jams and beautifully melodic spacey dubs.  
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Taku Mei Ao Maori songs for children

Taku Mei Ao Maori songs for children - By Nga Pihi

Taku Mei Ao – My World, features simple songs in Maori that reflect the child’s world. Celebrate our natural environment, animals, dancing and moving, and everyday activities such as cleaning up. The songs are all in Maori - a great way for beginners to gain confidence in the language. All the songs are ideally paced for learning, and perfect for ages 3-7 years. Song lyrics & translations are provided in a Free-Download Book. Teaching notes for each song are also included.  
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Watercress Tuna
Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street
Watercress Tuna and the Children of Champion Street By Patricia Grace. Illustrated By Robyn Kahukiwa An unusual tuna with a magic throat leaps out of his stream and visits a number of children in Champion Street with a gift. With their gift the children all come together and dance all day and all night. This book is written in English. It features some Māori, Cook Island Māori, Tokelauan and Samoan words, with a handy pronunciation guide in the back. Age 4+
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The girls in the kapahaka
The girls in the kapahaka By Angie Belcher. Illustrated by Debbie Tipuna “These are the poi that circled and twirled above the heads of the singing girls who wore the piupiu that swished and swirled, made from the flax that koro cut, that the mussel shell scraped, that the kuia made, that swung from the hips of the girls in the kapahaka”.   This book has a similar style to the old classic "The house that Jack built" with a bit of Māori flair! This book is written in English
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