Nga pihi x3
Nga Pihi 1, 2 & 3 CDs with Songbooks

Nga Pihi 1, 2 & 3 CDs with Songbooks

Save money and buy the 3 Cds and Songbooks together. Encourage waiata and kapahaka in your Early Childhood Centre, School or home. Hours of listening and learning. Simple waiata; easy to learn. Song lyrics and translations included inside the CD covers. Songbooks include melody lines, guitar chords, teaching notes, song lyrics and translations. Plus large print word sheets that can be read from a distance. For ages 3-7 years.
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Tauira – Māori methods of learning and teaching

Tauira - Māori methods of learning and teaching By Joan Metge

In te reo Maori, tauira means both student and teacher, and this book by acclaimed educator and anthropologist Joan Metge shows that Maori educational practices had a particular form and philosophy. Maori focused on learning by doing, teaching in context, learning in a group, memorizing, and advancement when ready. Parents, grandparents, and community leaders imparted cultural knowledge as well as practical skills to the younger generation through daily life and storytelling, in whanau and community activities. In preserving this evidence and these voices from the past, this important book also offers much inspiration for the future. This book is written in English.
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Tikanga Māori Living by Māori values

Tikanga Māori Living by Māori values - By Hirini Moko Mead

Here is an authoritative and accessible introduction to tikanga Maori. It is essential reading for all who seek to understand the correct Maori ways of doing things as they were in the past, as they are in the present and as they may yet be.  
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Mauri Ora Wisdom from the Māori world

Mauri Ora Wisdom from the Māori world - By Peter Alsop & Te Rau Kupenga

Pearls of wisdom – whakataukī – have been gifted from generation to generation as an intrinsic part of the Māori world. As powerful metaphors, they combine analogy and cultural history in the most economical of words. Short and insightful, they take you by surprise, engendering reflection, learning and personal growth. Mauri Ora links whakataukī to key personal virtues idealised across cultures and generations. The virtues – wisdom, courage, compassion, integrity, self-mastery and belief – stem from the field of positive psychology; the study of how to live a better life. Illustrated throughout with wonderful photographs from an old world, this book draws on traditional wisdom to provide a recipe for personal effectiveness and leadership, and a rewarding connection of Māori knowledge to contemporary thinking about personal happiness and fulfilment.
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Māori made easy: For everyday learners of the Māori language

Māori made easy: For everyday learners of the Māori language – By Scotty Morrison

The complete and accessible guide to learning the Maori language, no matter your knowledge level. Fun, user-friendly and relevant to modern readers, Scotty Morrison's Maori Made Easy is the one-stop resource for anyone wanting to learn the basics of the Maori language. While dictionaries list words and their definitions, and other language guides offer common phrases, Maori Made Easy connects the dots, allowing the reader to take control of their learning in an empowering way. By committing just 30 minutes a day for 30 weeks, learners will adopt the language easily and as best suits their busy lives. Written by popular TV personality and te reo Maori advocate Scotty Morrison, author of The Raupo Phrasebook of Modern Maori, this book proves that learning the language can be fun, effective and easy!
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Matariki star of the year

Matariki star of the year – By Rangi Matamua

In mid-winter, Matariki rises in the pre-dawn sky, and its observation is celebrated with incantations on hilltops at dawn, balls, exhibitions, dinners and a vast number of events. The Matariki tradition has been re-established, and its regeneration coincides with a growing interest in Māori astronomy. Still, there remain some unanswered questions about how Matariki was traditionally observed. These include:
  • What is Matariki?
  • Why did Māori observe Matariki?
  • How did Māori traditionally celebrate Matariki?
  • When and how should Matariki be celebrated?
Based on research and interviews with Māori experts, this book seeks answers to these questions and explores what Matariki was in a traditional sense so it can be understood and celebrated in our modern society.
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Te Manu Tukutuku The Māori kite

Te Manu Tukutuku The Māori kite - By Bob Maysmor

Manu signifies "bird" and "tukutuku" the lattice-like nature of kite construction. Widely used throughout pre-European NZ. In this book Bob Maysmor talks about the kites from their origins to demise including materials used, different types, lines and bridles, flying, chants and charms and kite legends and histories.
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Fun with flax: 50 Projects for Beginners

Fun with flax: 50 Projects for Beginners - By Mike Pendergrast

These 50 interesting and entertaining projects are designed to teach beginners the basic skills of the Maori craft of plaiting. Fun with Flax shows how to make items ranging from a simple windmill, a dart and a whistle to more complex puzzles, balls, birds, fish and even a caterpillar. Each project is described one step at a time with easy-to-follow line drawings and instructions. All are fun and will delight children and adults with their ingenuity, their beauty and the amusement they provide. This book is ideal for kohanga reo, playcentres, kindergartens, Maori crafts groups and New Zealand homes. It aims not only to teach the skills of plaiting to young New Zealanders but also to nurture a new generation of flaxworkers.  
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Healing our history

Healing our history - By Robert Consedine & Joanna Consedine

The Treaty of Waitangi is the most important document in New Zealand's history. Current Treaty issues and Maori/Pakeha relationships can only be understood within the wider story of New Zealand. As we understand and honour our history, we can acknowledge the need for restoration, healing and right relationships.  
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Maori-art-for-kids-julie- noanoa-and-norm-heke
Māori art for kids
Māori art for kids - Julie Noanoa & Norm Heke Be inspired to make your own art through the work of leaders in contemporary Māori art. 15 featured artists, 15 art activities for kids.
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Poi for Teen/Adult

Poi for Teen/Adults

These poi are designed for Teens/Adults in reference to size, for maximum benefit to each user. My poi are handmade and of very high quality, made of sturdy materials that are durable for home and school use. The poi itself is covered with a washable material which has a contemporary māori design.
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Matariki The Māori new year

Matariki The Māori new year - By Libby Hakaraia

This book is an introduction to the star group Matariki. Known in other cultures by names including Pleiades and the Seven sisters, Matariki featured strongly in Pre-European New Zealand. It marked the beginning of the Māori calendar, and its rising before the sun in late May or Early June was greeted with great festivals. It was used as a guide to planting and harvesting, and was studied by tohunga as an omen which told whether the food-gathering season would be plentiful or lean.
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