Aroha Stickers

Aroha Stickers

17 Aroha stickers. Featuring the word "Aroha" meaning love. With traditional Māori colours red, black and white. In heart (manawa) shapes, varying sizes. Some stickers featuring the word (kupu) using different fonts and others with just a Māori design on them.  
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Whānau stickers

Māori whānau character stickers

12 cute Māori whānau character stickers with traditional Māori outfits and with the word whanau. "Whanau" is the Māori word for family group. These stickers feature an elderly man and elderly woman (Koro and a Kuia), a woman (wahine), a man (tane), a girl (kōtiro), a boy (tama) and a baby (pēpi).

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Kapahaka tama and kotiro doll stickers
Māori tama and kotiro doll stickers 11 cute stickers of the Māori tama and kotiro dolls wearing their traditional kapahaka outfits.

* These stickers could potentially be used in relation to the dolls which are also available

* Storytelling - They could be used to make up stories about their adventures. * For games * General art and craft activities * Decorate gifts, letters, cards, envelopes or notebooks

* Behaviour charts * Swap them with friends

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