Reo and Rauemi – Poi Princess Newsletter #4

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Kia Ora koutou,

It has been a very busy month for me with a last minute opening at The Great EC Expo in Christchurch. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou mō tōu tautoko i Otautahi!  Massive thanks for the support I got in Christchurch at the Expo. A big thanks to all the people who organised it and the people who came down to say Kia Ora! It was great having a kōrero with people who are inspiring children and who are as passionate as I am about incorporating reo me ngā rauemi Māori.


During my conversations at this Expo and a couple of the events I was at last year a reoccurring theme seems to be arising… some people are feeling they don’t know enough or use enough te reo Māori in their everyday or job life. I think just like me, everyone is in the same waka! We all have doubts and wish we could be better but anything worthwhile takes time! Be sure to congratulate yourself for any steps you are taking to use and improve your reo Māori! We are all learning and are at different stages on our bicultural journey, but the wonderful thing that is refreshing for me is everyone here wants to embrace and incorporate what they can.


He rauemi reo Māori – Māori language resources
To encourage and normalise te reo Māori in our whare, when its appropriate I let my daughters watch Māori TV. There are some great shows on there where I learn alongside them. Message me if you would like to know some shows I would recommend for home or Preschool. Quite often I will put waiata on in the background or we will do some actions with them. Ko te ata (in the morning) I try to use reo Māori with my tamariki during routine times especially – getting dressed, changing nappies, brushing teeth etc. I also enjoy reading books to my 14 month old after kai when shes interested and still in the highchair. Reo pēpi pukapuka are a fave in our whare for both of my daughters. These pukapuka have often led to some funny games. I am extremely excited to share that Kitty and Kirsten have come out with their second series of pukapuka this month, and you can buy them right here from Poi Princess! 🙂  I can tell they will be a hit here too!


In regards to te reo Māori and the acquisition of language I wanted to take this opportunity to share a couple of tools I have found online and use.
Firstly if you are interested in having a bit of a play on an App to help you learn Tipu is a free and fun programme where you can move up the levels as quickly or as slowly as you want. You answer patai (questions) to see what you know and then it gives you chances to practice kupu (words) me ngā rerenga hoki (and phrases) you don’t.


I continue to learn nouns to add to my sentences I have labels around my whare to learn some of these. The other practice I have adopted after study is writing kupu hou me ngā rerenga (new words and sentences) on a window or windows with a whiteboard marker. This was a strategy I learnt from my tutor who wanted us to not talk to the whiteboard relying on it as a prop when giving presentations. Instead the writing is still there for the visual learners but the words are surrounded by the environment so you can visualise it for later use anywhere. My office is all windows so I use this strategy for the words and any plans etc!


When I want to learn a new word or I come across words I don’t know. I like using this online Māori dictionary There are three reasons why…
1. You can put English words in or Māori.
2. It tells me the word and then underneath it gives a sentence so I can see that its the right word for the right context and
3. After you have your word there, if you click on the right speaker icon you will hear someone saying the kupu. This is particularly helpful for people who really want to work hard on pronunciation of certain words. Karawhiua!

Another thing as I am learning and writing more in te reo Māori but hardly on paper itself, I wanted to keep using tohutō (macrons). Here are the instructions of how to have these accessible on multiple devices.


Aku rauemi – My resources
Over the last month since my last newsletter I have been working on extending my range of products. Some people have been contacting me with their wishlists and so I have tried to fulfill what ever I can. Some teachers wanted some older books about Maui‘s adventures so I am now stocking those. Another teacher wanted some CD’s so I have a couple more of them. Another teacher wanted some resource books for herself on particular subjects so I have started a new teachers range.

The home page now has catergories on it to help if you are looking for something in particular…

If you want to look at all the products I have available with no particular preference then just hit the Hoko (Shop) button at the top of the webpage. 🙂 Seriously kei te aroha au ngā rauemi inaianei! I am loving the resources right now and I am positive you will too.


Please feel free to share with me things that have or are currently helping you on your bicultural journey and anything that you would find helpful.  Kōrero mai ki au contact me with any other things you might be interested in that I could help with or feedback. I  really enjoy hearing from you.


Ngā mihi mahana,

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