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Tuna rāua ko Hiriwa

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Tuna rāua ko Hiriwa – Nā Ripeka Takotowai Goddard, nā Kimberley Andrews ngā pikitia

E korikori ana a Tuna rāua ko Hiriwa I te atarau o te marama. Ko te tinana o Hiriwa tērā e tīramarama ana mai, ko Tuna tērā e tōmina atu ana kia pērā hoki tōna tinana. Nō hea awa I whiwhi ai a Tuna I tōna puku hiriwa?

Tuna is in awe of a nymph that glows and dances along the riverbank of the Rangitīkei in the moonlight. Night after night he meets the nymph and basks in the moonlight, hoping that he will also glow, but he remains the same. Disappointed, he hatches a plan to take the nymph’s light. But the moon sees what Tuna does, and in her anger, she prevents Tuna from swimming in her moonlight again. This picture book is written in te reo Māori and tells the story of how the tuna (eel) got its silver belly but forever had to live in the dark depths of the river.

This legend-like story weaves a tale about why eels are seldom caught when the moon is full.

Format: This book is a Paper back.

Language: This book is written in Te reo Māori. The English version is also available: Tuna and Hiriwa

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About the Author:

Ripeka Takotowai Goddard is a student and a writer living in Feilding. Previously a butcher and a panel beater, Ripeka took her hand to writing Tuna rāua ko Hiriwa – her first picture book, based on traditions she learned about eeling.


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