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No Maori allowed: New Zealand’s forgotten history of racial segregation

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No Maori allowed: The New Zealands forgotten history of racial segregation – by Robert E. Bartholomew

From the mid-1920s to the early 1960s, the South Auckland town of Pukekohe was the defacto racist capital of New Zealand. Barbers refused to cut Māori hair, bars would not serve
them alcohol, some shopkeepers would not let them inside, and they were segregated at the cinema. At one point main street businesses refused to let them use their toilets, and
the local school had separate bathrooms for Māori.

Children entering the ‘white’ toilet were hit with a strap. While the other students could swim in the baths Monday through Thursday, Māori were only allowed in on Fridays – just before the dirty water was drained.
Following complaints by European parents, beginning in 1952 Pukekohe housed the only segregated Māori area-school in the history of the country. Worst of all, over 200 Māori
infants and children died from preventable conditions linked to the atrocious housing – 73 percent of all deaths during this period.

No Maori Allowed looks at what happened at Pukekohe and the extent of racial intolerance across the country. Using records from the National Archives and first hand interviews, chapters cover the extent of racial intolerance across the country in housing and employment during the segregation period from 1925 to the early 1960s.

Format: This book is a Paper back.

Language: This book is written in English


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About the Author:

Robert Bartholomew holds a PhD in medical sociology from James Cook University. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer with the Department of Psychological Medicine at The University
of Auckland.

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