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Forest and Ocean Bird Songs (CD)


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Forest and Ocean Bird songs By Hirini Melbourne

This is a mixture of both traditional Maori music and contemporary guitar backed tracks, all sung in Te Reo with real native bird call backgrounds.

Hirini Melbourne is both the composer and singer on this recording. The 23 beautiful tracks on the disc are split into two parts ‘Forest’ and Ocean’. The songs on each part are selected by the native birdcall backgrounds, land birds such as the Tui or the Kiwi or the Ruru – Morepork (Forest) or sea birds such as the Titi – Sooty Shearwater or the Toroa – Albatross (Ocean).

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Dr. Hirini Melbourne was of Tuhoe and Ngati Kahungunu descent. He devoted his life to promoting the Maori language, culture and music and died all too soon at the age of 53 in 2003.

‘Forest and Ocean Bird Songs’ is an album that is a perfect little piece of Aotearoa.



1. Te Kopere (The Rainbow)
2. Kokako (The Blue Wattled Crow)
3. Waiata Ki Te Ra (Song To The Sun)
4. Pipi Manu E (Young Birds)
5. Pipiwharauroa (The Shining Cuckoo)
6. Tui (The Tui)
7. Tirairaka (The Fantail)
8. Riroriro (The Grey Warbler)
9. Mohua (The Yellowhead)
10. Pungawerewere (The Spider)
11. Putorino A Raukatauri (The Case Moth)
12. Ruru (The Morepork)
13. Kiwi (The Kiwi)

14. Te Ika A Maui (Maui’s Fish – Akiaki Or Tarapunga, The Red-Billed Gull)
15. Takapu (The Gannet)
16. Kupe (The Voyage Of Kupe – Koekoea, The Long Tailed Cuckoo)
17. Hakoakoa (The Skua)
18. Te Pakanga O Nga Manu (The Battle Between The Land And Sea
19. Te Pakanga O Nga Manu (Part 2)
20. Te Pakanga O Nga Manu (Part 3)
21. Roimata Toroa (Tears Of The Albatross)
22. Titi (The Sooty Shearwater, Also Known As The Muttonbird)
23. Te Hoki Nga (“The Return” – Toroa, The Wandering Albatross)



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